July 26, 2023

Partnerships build on Uber’s commitment to create a viewable, and brand safe environment for consumers and brands

SAN FRANCISCO (July 26, 2023) Uber’s advertising division today announced its partnership with top third-party verification providers, DoubleVerify (NYSE: DV) and Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS). These partnerships include integrations to verify viewability, brand suitability and the absence of ad fraud, bringing further transparency to Uber’s brand clients. Together, these independent partners will support Uber in validating performance and effectiveness of Journey Ads campaigns on Uber advertising.

These partnerships kick-off a suite of measurement solutions on Uber's advertising platform, emphasizing Uber's commitment to measurement and transparency, beginning with verification, then further expanding with reach, resonance and impact measurement. This third-party verification aims to give advertisers on Uber the confidence in their media investment and ability to benchmark against industry standards in media measurement. As brand advertisers face increased scrutiny on ad spend, proving effectiveness and performance across campaigns is key. Brands need to know that their ads are being viewed in the right context, which these partnerships will aim to address.

“In today’s ecosystem, brands are eager to better understand that their message goes to and is seen by actual people, with actual intention in high attention contexts, while also ensuring they are showing up safely,” said Mark Grether, VP, General Manager for Uber’s advertising division. “As we expand our tools to validate effectiveness, performance and safety, we will continue to surface the best third-party measurement solutions to give brands peace of mind.”

“As Uber advertising continues its impressive growth trajectory, our new partnership offers marketers confidence in measuring campaign effectiveness through our actionable data so they know their ads are being seen by the millions of people using Uber every day,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, Integral Ad Science. “We are excited to work with Uber to maximize advertisers’ return on investment when connecting with this large and highly engaged audience.”

“As ad spend on the platform is growing, Uber has partnered with DV to expand independent, third-party measurement capabilities and build confidence in brands’ digital investments,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “We’re excited to work with Uber to bring advertisers a higher level of trust and transparency and, in turn, broaden our quality coverage across this tech platform that connects the physical and digital worlds to help make movement happen at the tap of a button.”

Uber has a high intention, high attention audience to whom its advertising platform can surface the right messages at the right time. With the backing of DV and IAS, Uber will offer its advertisers a better understanding of their effectiveness, giving them clarity and confidence in their digital investment.

The partnership will run on Uber’s Journey Ads, which capture consumers’ attention during Uber rides.